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Maysaa Dafalla, Promotionsstipendiatin am Institut für neue und neuartige Tierseuchenerreger im Labor von PD Dr. R. Ulrich, November/Dezember 2016

Research stay at the University of Vilnius

My name is Maysaa Dafalla and I come from Sudan. I work at the Institute of Novel and Emerging Infectious Diseases under supervision of PD Dr. Rainer Ulrich.

Part of my work deals with investigation of hantaviruses in insectivores (Shrews) which is divided into two parts as well; molecular identification and serological investigation.

I have already done the molecular identification at FLI. For the serological investigation, I had to travel to Vilnius, Lithuania from 19.11.2016 to 19.12.2016, because there is already a long-lasting cooperation between our institute at FLI and the Institute of Biotechnology and Molecular Engineering at University of Vilnius. Moreover, our partners at University of Vilnius has created the recombinant Seewis-hantavirus-antigen in their laboratory. 

Because there is no previous established data about the serology of Seewis-hantavirus in Shrews, the idea was to develop an ELISA method to detect the antibodies in the shrew species which I am investigating. This will help me to complete my publications and my dissertation as well. During the stay in Vilnius I learned different serological methods for viral identifications like, ELISA, Western-blot, dot-blot, I also adapted to the lab work and the certain restrictions for every method. Moreover the advices from the scientists from the different departments of the institute were helpful. Through this visit, I learned also how the collaboration and networking are something inevitable and very important in research and education, the thing that I will do my best to bring it to my home country in my field of research in the future. Finally, this visit enabled me to make new friends in the beautiful city of Vilnius, which is great gift in one’s life.

Thank you so much for your support and kind consideration


Maysaa Dafalla